Your Reward — a short story

Yes.  You have been behaving yourself lately, and deserve to be rewarded.  You may join us tonight.

When she kneels before me at the foot of the bed, you may kneel behind her.  Put your hands on her considerable breasts, and help her drag them up and down my shaft.  Nibble on her ear while you talk to her and encourage her.

Then, when she takes me in her mouth, slip your hand between her legs.  Feel how wet she is.  Slide a couple fingers inside her to make her moan for me.  Rest your hand on her throat and feel her working to swallow me.

When she completes her task, perhaps she’ll turn to you and kiss you.  (Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit… I know she will, because I’ve already ordered her to.)  Kiss her passionately, and taste what I gave her.  Then, you’ll have center stage.  Move her aside, and use your hands and mouth on me.  Coax me back to hardness.  Get me ready to go again.  She’ll climb up on the bed and wait.  Once you’ve succeeded, I’ll join her on the bed and take her.

You?  There’s a wooden chair in the corner of the bedroom.  Best seat in the house.  And, if you do everything you’re told, we may allow your hands to wander to your breasts, maybe even between your thighs.  But only until we’ve finished.  Yes, you have one more job to do.  Your mouth and tongue will be pressed into service one more time.  To clean us both up.

See you tonight…

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