He looked out the window, across to the other apartment.

Auburn and Blondie were kissing.

And this wasn’t just a “between friends” kiss. From his vantage point, Brian could see that the two were seriously sucking face.

He could also see that Auburn was completely naked, with the exception of those glasses. He couldn’t see everything—Blondie’s back was to the window, obscuring his view of most of Auburn’s “features.” The blonde’s hands were also very busy, caressing and groping her friend all over. Something seemed “off” (besides the skinnier gal’s clothing) but Brian couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

He took a seat and watched.

Abruptly, Blondie pushed her friend against the breakfast bar, continuing the kiss-fest and giving their unnoticed voyeur a good side-on view. Now that he had a better perspective of both women, Brian understood why things had seemed to be somewhat “off”: Auburn’s wrists and arms were bound tightly together behind her back, almost to the elbows, with thick green rope…