tsu … no, it’s not a college. but is it an answer to our social media problems?

Many authors have begun playing with tsu.

A few bullets on this:
* Not a secure webpage. Note how many pages such as Facebook have SSL… that little lock that appears next to the URL, or at the bottom corner of the page, depending what browser you’re using. Also you’ll note that the URL doesn’t start with https.
* Appearance is a lot like Facebook, which will certainly appeal to people who don’t really like change (which would be the majority of, well, everyone.)
* There seems to be a sense of urgency to get over there and get things going, based upon rumors of Facebook changes in 2015 and how they will spell doom for authors. The fact is that we aren’t even sure how heavily these changes will affect us, if at all. For all we know, they might be aimed at huge businesses and ignore us entirely.
Don’t get me wrong. I despise FacebooKK and would love nothing more than to see it, and its second cousin Amazon, die a quick death. But the fact is that these entities are a significant part of what many independent authors do. We don’t want to put all of our eggs in one basket (as many have unfortunately done with FB and Amazon) but we also want to make sure not to put them in the wrong basket. A year or so ago, there was a somewhat large push for a new site called http://www.bdsmfriendbook.com. Now, it’s no more.

I also think the overall mindset needs to change somewhat. Rather than worrying about directing your readers and followers to Facebook, or tsu, or Google, focus on bringing them to YOUR site, then giving them the ability to read and interact via blogs and newsletters.


Sometimes, you've gotta play to lose.

Sometimes, you’ve gotta play to lose.

It’s time to explain the rules of tonight’s game.

The two of you kneel at attention–you, and the playmate we picked up from the bar.

I’m going to remove my pants. You’re going to grab Stacy by the hair, and lead her to me. Guide me into her throat. Grip her hair and her head tight and fuck me with her succulent mouth. The rougher the better. She’s allowed to use her hands on herself, but may not interfere in any way.

After thirty seconds, you will switch places. She’ll grab your lovely red hair and together she and I will fuck your face.

In another half minute, you’ll switch again. And again. And again.

She bites her lip with nervousness and excitement. “How long–”

“Until I cum,” I explain. “And if I cum in your mouth… you lose.”

A blush races across her chest, and your heartbeat quickens.

“What happens to the… um, the loser?” she wants to know.

Wordlessly I remove my belt, double it into a loop, then pop it in front of both of you.

Her eyes get wider and she trembles visibly. You quiver as well. You can still feel the dull sting on your thighs, courtesy of the same belt from earlier this evening when you took too long to get ready.


She exhales, giving a nervous smile as you take your place behind her. Her disadvantage, of course, is that you know exactly what I like, how I like it, when I like it.

Her advantage is that you usually play to lose.


Taboo Tuesday bloghop

An excerpt from Gallery

Left alone for hours at a time…

…at random intervals, we stimulate her…

…biting her nipples…

…a finger slipped inside her…

…the crack of a belt across her belly…

…nibbling on one of her toes…

…ice water poured on her breasts…

…a single feather, teasing her…

…a freeze pop suddenly violating her…

She cries, screams, begs… but it doesn’t change anything…

Sometimes she’s begging for it to stop…

…other times, for it to continue…

Taboo Tuesday

Taboo Tuesday bloghop

An excerpt from Road Trip (a dark erotic story from Crossroads)

… he pulled her by her hair and slammed her over the hood of the car as he fumbled with his belt. “Please…” Amanda squirmed on the hood. As he drew the belt back, she covered her exposed asscheeks with her hands.

“Move your hands. Put them on the hood, bitch.”

“Please, no,” she begged…

Craig’s hand slid up her thigh and found its way to her shaved pussy… he slid his finger inside her and began fucking her with it. “You dirty fucking whore. Make that married pussy cum all over my fingers… Afterward, I’m going to whip your ass for being a disobedient whore…”

Amanda bucked against Craig’s fingers, her hips seemingly having a mind of their own as her orgasm overtook her…

Release day…

It is release day for a short story collection I’ve put together. However, the Amazon version of my book is MIA. I submitted it Sunday, thinking it was plenty of time to make the release, but it’s still “In Review.” I could postpone the release date, but then Amazon could end up rejecting the book for any multitude of real or fabricated reasons, and I’ll have wasted more time.

I uploaded to Smashwords yesterday, and it took exactly four minutes for the book to be available in their library. (Although for some reason, I do seem to have the literary equivalent of a “green thumb” when it comes to getting through their sometimes frustrating autovetter process.)

This scenario is one of the reasons behind having an Erotic Authors Guild. Now, Amazon doesn’t care about erotic authors individually… a whole Guild of them, probably not all that much more. But, we do have the opportunity to educate others about the pros and cons of the different book publishing sites.

The Guild’s focus should not be “let’s boycott Amazon.” As a director, my personal stance and opinions are going to differ from other directors. Plus, it’s not in the interest of our authors as a whole at this time. But it is important that we educate one another, and those around us, about alternatives that are available.

Thus far this year, I’ve had a book pulled from the Amazon shelf for an entire week, because a known book pirate maliciously lied and claimed ownership of the cover art. A clueless Amazon representative even told me at one point that I needed to “reimburse” the pirate for my use of the cover art. In the same fiasco, they even suspended my ENTIRE Amazon bibliography for nearly a full day, forcing me to e-mail them a statement that I “agree not to post material which violates their polices” (which I had not done in the first place.) Next, I made a price change to another book, and that simple adjustment also took several days to go through. And now, a release deadline which was partially sabotaged by their process.

This is clearly not how a merchant should be treating its customers. I urge extreme caution to anyone who would write books for a living, and tie their livelihood to putting all of their eggs into such a basket. If we were treated like this by any other service provider in our lives–our cable provider, our physician, our auto mechanic, etc.–we’d likely discontinue use of their services on the spot.

So, I am going forward with the release of my book “Crossroads” on Smashwords. If Amazon removes its collective head from its posterior and gets the book up, fine. I’ll provide the link. If not, fine as well. Either way, I’ll still encourage my readers to support Smashwords which actually cares about its members.


If you haven’t checked out Smashwords, I highly recommend it. Besides the obvious attraction that they’re not Amazon, they have a decent interface and you can use Paypal. If there is a “learning curve” with actually getting the downloaded books onto your e-reader, I will be happy to help.

Thanks all, and happy reading…

Crossroads: a collection by Dylan Cross



Crossroads is the second story collection by Dylan Cross, one of the masters of the “edge erotica” genre. If you’re looking for a touchy-feely romantic storyline, this isn’t it.

In “Secretary’s Day,” a sexy but naive secretary gets “help” from her boss with her financial problems, but the payment plan may be more than she bargained for.

“Amanda’s Road Trip” follows the continuing tale of the hapless blackmailed housewife from “Amanda’s Descent”… as this time, her tormenter enjoys her in, on and around her car.

In “Closure,” Kevin and his ex-girlfriend’s breakup wasn’t exactly under the best of terms, but Sami is eager to do whatever it takes to set things straight. The fact that Kevin is now happily married won’t slow her down either…

These stories, plus several thrilling and chilling shorts, will make for a sizzling bedtime read!


Get the book today:

Visit Dylan’s official page to get your copy of Crossroads…

As a special bonus…

Crossroads includes the story Amanda’s Road Trip, which continues the misadventures of the hapless heroine from Amanda’s Descent…

Crossroads excerpt

About the author

Dylan Cross is an independent author of erotica. His titles include Fair Trade, Amanda’s Descent and Back to School. Cross is a former Marine and software developer, and is a founding member of the Erotic Authors Guild. He can also be found online at www.dontcrossdylan.com.



Crossroads — Cover Reveal

a collection by Dylan Cross

CrossroadsEvery so often, a book comes along that jostles its readers romantically and makes us all want to fall in love.

Crossroads is not that book.

This is the second collection of short, dark stories by Dylan Cross. If you’re squeamish or easily offended, these tales are not for you. From a secretary in a hopeless situation, to a sexy but psychotic ex seeking closure, to a blackmailed housewife… prepare yourself for a thrill ride. Just be forewarned–this is not your mother’s erotica.

Crossroads excerpt


Exclusive: Crossroads contains the Dylan Cross novella “Road Trip” detailing the further misadventures of blackmailed housewife Amanda!

… he pulled her by her hair and slammed her over the hood of the car as he fumbled with his belt.  “Please…”  Amanda squirmed on the hood.  As he drew the belt back, she covered her exposed asscheeks with her hands.

“Move your hands.  Put them on the hood, bitch.”  Then he was holding her phone and dialing it.  With horror, she saw that the phone was “Calling MARK”.

“Please, no,” she begged… he thumbed the speakerphone icon and set the phone down, just as her husband answered.

“H-hi honey,” Amanda forced herself to sound normal, even as Craig’s hand slid up her thigh and found its way to her shaved pussy… he slid his finger inside her and began fucking her with it. 

 She knew how dirty this was—talking to her husband on the phone while his best friend played with her pussy.   Mark started speaking to someone else on his end.  Craig took this opportunity to move in “for the kill,” both his hands working her furiously.  He leaned over and whispered, “You dirty fucking whore.  Make that married pussy cum all over my fingers… Afterward, I’m going to whip your ass for being a disobedient whore…”

As her husband continued talking, she bucked against Craig’s fingers, her hips seemingly having a mind of their own as her orgasm overtook her…

This is a must-read for fans of Amanda’s Descent!



Watch for Crossroads–coming soon!

Dylan Cross is an independent author of erotica titles including Amanda’s Descent and Back to School. He is a former Marine and software developer, and a founding member of the Erotic Authors Guild.

Find Dylan Cross online:

Official page:




Google Plus:


Thinking of counting on Amazon to pay the bills? Think again…

If you’re a fulltime author depending upon your writing to pay the bills and you’re putting all your eggs in the Amazon basket, think again.

Many of you followed my saga last week with Amazon, detailed in my previous blog posts. For the Cliff’s Notes version: I went after a notorious book pirate and partially crippled his ill-gotten ad revenue. In retaliation, he sent Amazon a complaint, falsely claiming to be the owner of one of my book covers. Amazon immediately pulled the book from the shelves, and even briefly disabled my entire account. It was next to impossible to speak to an actual person. My constituents in the Erotic Authors Guild wrote strongly-worded letters as well.

Although the account was down for a day, the book itself wasn’t restored until this morning–over a week later. No apology was issued. Throughout the entire process, they were indifferent. They were willing to accept the unsubstantiated word of a known book pirate–who likely costs them thousands of dollars in lost ebook revenue. It was sickening.

The book in question is an earlier work of mine… it’s a short story, just 13 pages long, it has 2 1/2 stars review, and it’s probably sold a dozen copies if I’m lucky. In other words, not something I’d be likely to be holding up a sign in front of Amazon headquarters over.

But what if this weren’t the case? What if I were a full-time author, of the caliber of Carrie Ann Ryan, Jasinda Wilder or Shayne McClendon? And what if writing were my day job, and I counted on it to pay my mortgage? And, finally, what if the work in question wasn’t a low-end short story? What if it was my leading bestseller? And, what if, to make things even worse, I’d been foolish enough to list it in Amazon’s KDP Select program?

The answer, of course, is that I basically would have lost a week’s revenue. Not to mention a likely plunge in the book’s rankings, if and when Amazon bothered to correct their mistake. Ask anyone, in any job, if they’d mind losing a week’s pay. Think any of them will be ok with it?

Boycotting Amazon isn’t a viable option. If you want to be successful in this business, at least at this present time, you have to go through them. Smashwords nets an author about 1/3 of what Amazon does. But we also shouldn’t put all of our eggs into one basket. Explore some of those other options–and, for goodness’ sake, stay away from KDP Select. Sooner or later, people will grow tired of being mistreated and will start to look elsewhere.

The alternative is scary. Those highly successful authors whom you see? All it takes is one disgruntled fan, one jealous competitor. A single bogus complaint to Amazon can cripple your entire livelihood.