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As writers we must always strive to reinvent ourselves and what we do. Themes and subgenres that were popular yesterday may be “out” tomorrow. By the same token, sure-fire marketing techniques from last year might leave us with flatlined sales today. Embrace change!


Come up with something new. Think outside the box and set yourself apart. Don’t be like everyone else!

Stay the course!

Don’t give up if you hit a rough patch. Perseverance and patience will pay off!


Don’t forget your love and passion for your chosen profession. Regardless of how good or bad your sales and social media trends are, you can always write!

11.22.63 miniseries

Stephen King fans and history buffs alike will be delighted with 11.22.63. The miniseries, produced by J.J. Abrams (Star Wars–the Force Awakens), is based upon the novel of the same name by Stephen King. Although the overall story concept is best explained and understood in written format, Abrams did a respectable job with this project. The overall storyline: Jake Epping, the protagonist, is convinced to go back in time to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The premise: a portal in the back of a diner offers the ability to travel back in time. There are a few catches: it only leads back to a specific date in 1960. You can change things in the past and return to the present to see the impact, but when the portal is subsequently used, said changes will be “reset.”  It also isn’t easy to change the past–it is “obdurate” as we quickly learn. There are other catches as well, which become apparent throughout the series. In these aspects, the series mirrors the book closely.

As is often the case, the series differs somewhat from the book. Having read the book first, I found some of these differences annoying but got used to them. (James Franco’s brilliantly-portrayed “Epping” character partners up with a young man who assists him until late in the series; this did not happen in the book, but it was a decent vehicle for the writers to explain various parts of the plot to us.) By mid-series, I began to appreciate the differences between the book and the show, because I was no longer certain how the story would turn out. Going into the final episode, I was fervently hoping that certain parts would play out differently than the written version. Some did, and some didn’t.

This is an enjoyable and well-done series which I recommend. You can also read the book by Stephen King, and if you do so, you’ll be able to enjoy both without one dampering the other.

But I’m not quite finished. One other really cool part of this series is that it’s cleverly crafted to almost guarantee that you’ll go back and watch it a second time. Approximately seventeen minutes from the end, you’ll see something that will have you exclaiming “wait, WHAT?” and clamoring back to the first episode. (“We just missed each other…”)

And then there are the easter eggs. Little hidden props to many of Stephen King’s other works appear throughout the series. I first began to take heavy notice of this in the final episode, when the protagonists first enter the book suppository–note the graffiti on the stairwell wall at the ground level. Gradually I realized that there were other easter eggs in the episode, and now I almost have to go back to the beginning and watch again to look for everything. Some of the obvious ones are references to Misery, The Stand and It (Annette O’Toole, who played grown-up Beverly Marsh in the 1990 It miniseries, has a part in 11.22.63.) If you watch closely, there are many others.

So, if you’ve got nothing to do this weekend, or a few hours per evening to kill, set aside some time, get on Hulu and check this series out. Leave yourself time to watch the whole thing twice, because once you’re done, you’ll want to go back to the beginning and check it again. The past, as they say, harmonizes.

Dylan Cross




Kesha Rose vs. Sony debate…

I have not followed the Kesha Rose vs. Sony matter in meticulous detail. Basically, what I know is that Kesha alleges sexual assault by her producer, that she has a contract with the producer via Sony and that the producer has not been found guilty of the assault.

First, my instinct is that I believe Kesha Rose’s allegations.

However, I also recognize that there is a due process, and that someone’s legal rights can’t just be swept aside due to a yet-to-be-proved allegation, no matter how appalling the allegation is. I speak from experience as someone who has, at more than one point in the past, been falsely accused of something. On Facebook, I was even accused recently of being a “harasser of women”… because I didn’t vote for someone in some event contest. (Of my author page’s 5,662 followers, 74% are women… yeah RIGHT…)

But the problem is, we are talking about a legal contract which multiple parties agreed to. What if the judge were to void the contract based on an accusation? A precedent gets set. Then, what happens in the future, when another artist is suddenly unsatisfied with the terms of his/her contract with the record company, and knows they can make more money somewhere else? They merely have to make an allegation of something heinous, and they can get out of the contract?

In this case, Sony should probably just agree to terminate the contract. It would be in the best interests of all involved. But when we’re talking about a legal proceeding, and a judge, only the provable facts are what matters.

Amanda’s Assignment

Amanda’s Assignment by Dylan Cross

Whenever Amanda’s husband Mark goes out of town, it’s playtime for his best friend. Ever since Craig caught Amanda in a compromising situation with the cable guy, he’s had his way with her.

Mark has exciting news. He’s being considered for a promotion, which will involve less travel time—and, thus, an end to Craig’s play. All Mark has to do is interview and hire a replacement for his position.

Craig explains to Amanda that this just won’t do. Her mission: to find each candidate and prevent them from keeping their appointments—if Mark can’t be promoted, he can’t be replaced. For this assignment, Amanda will need creativity, intuition—and, a generous helping of doing what she does best…

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a sample…


Julie and Matt led Amanda back to the desk. They bent the handcuffed redhead at the waist, pushing her over the desktop so that her breasts were about a foot from the edge.
“My boyfriend’s going to have a little fun with the two of us now,” Julie announced, and then walked around to the opposite end of the desk, bending herself over it in the same manner as Amanda, the two girls’ faces about six inches apart now. The blonde secretary’s eyes were lit up with excitement behind her glasses…
Matt stepped behind Julie first and began rubbing and massaging her ass. The girl moaned contentedly at the attention, although with slight anticipation. She didn’t have to wait long–a few seconds later, the thundering crack of skin on skin echoed through the office as the palm of his hand met his girlfriend’s asscheek. Julie’s eyes widened and she gave a loud, exuberant moan. The spanking continued, and Amanda lost count after five or six strikes. Julie stared lustfully at her new playmate.
The spanking stopped, and Matt’s hand reached between his girlfriend’s legs. Julie’s eyes slipped shut; her expression changed to one of increased relaxation and bliss, and Amanda knew that her counterpart was being fingered even before the rhythmic moaning began.
He’s going to do that to me next. Amanda’s own clit began to throb again at the thought. While his girlfriend watches… and I couldn’t do anything about it even if I wanted to.
She didn’t have to wait long. Matt pulled his attention away, causing Julie to sigh longingly. He walked around the desk and took his place behind Amanda.
She felt his hands on her ass, rubbing and caressing. Her first concern was that her counterpart might get jealous–Amanda certainly wanted to remain on Julie’s good side. But Julie watched excitedly as Amanda’s “turn” began.
SMACK! The sound reverberated off the walls again as she felt the sting of his palm. Amanda cried out, while across from her, Julie moaned with lust. Another spank, then another. Matt varied them in intensity and location, but it was enough to make the redhead feel some definite heat. She counted eight swats, and then he stopped.
As he’d done with Julie, Matt slipped his hand between Amanda’s thighs. She moved her feet slightly further apart to provide access for him, briefly wondering if he or Julie would notice, and if this further earmarked her as a slut. She shut her eyes as he slipped two fingers inside her now and began fucking her, just as he’d done to his girlfriend a few minutes ago. Amanda tried to contain her pleasure, again lest Julie become jealous or upset. She also tried to will herself to not thrust back against his invading fingers, but found herself failing miserably in this regard.
“Mmmmmmmm…” A soft moan, from in front of her. Amanda opened her eyes to find Julie’s tightly closed, an expression of bliss on her face. Looking further, the redhead noted the cause–the other woman’s left hand was still on the desk, steadying herself, but the other hand had disappeared off of the desktop. Julie was touching herself…

About the Author:


Dylan Cross is an author of darker erotica, including titles such as Back to School and Crossroads. He is a US Marine, a software developer and founder of the Erotic Authors Guild.

When not writing, Dylan enjoys football, grilling, Netflix and flavored vodka. He resides in suburban Chicago with his wife and cat.

Official page: www.dontcrossdylan.com

Blog: www.eroticauthorsguild.org/dylancross

Facebook: www.facebook.com/writerdylancross

A couple things from this week…

#1: The revelation that Amazon might be paying some authors a fraction of a penny per page read. Everyone acts surprised, even though Amazon has been mistreating authors for years. (Go here to see how Amazon treated me when I stood up to a pirate who probably costs them tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.) They already have been allowing readers to buy a book, read it (or even pirate it) and then return it for a refund. And now, they’re deleting reviews if they suspect that the reviewer knows the author (of course, they refuse to explain how they arrive at the conclusion that the author and reviewer know each other… nor is there any right to appeal or even to dispute to a real human being.)

Very simply, people need to stop putting all their eggs in the Amazon basket. If you ate at a restaurant, and the waitstaff was rude, the service mediocre and then they suddenly vastly diminished the portion sizes, would you bitch about it on social media and then keep eating there? Or would you find another place to frequent?

Encourage your loyal readers to support you by obtaining your books on Smashwords or other sites. Give them a quick tutorial on the couple of extra steps that might be necessary to get a SW book onto their Kindle. And, be sure to point out that Amazon is obviously actually tracking what they’re doing on their ereader after they’ve purchased and downloaded the book. And that’s just creepy.

#2: #AskELJames. This was nothing more than a bunch of classless individuals trying to fire off witty putdowns in 140 characters or less. Instead of snide remarks, how about asking adult questions such as: “Critics often allege that your story is the exact same story as Twilight. How do you respond to such critics?” or something otherwise intelligent.

Some people shrugged it off. “She doesn’t care, she’s laughing all the way to the bank.” Think about it. What if you went to work, and your boss/coworkers were constantly putting you down. Criticizing every report you filed, every line item of every to-do list you completed, every facet of every project you worked on. And suppose in addition to this, they constantly barraged you with personal put-downs. Would you laugh it off and rationalize it because a paycheck is being direct deposited every other Friday? Or would you be upset? Don’t assume that people don’t have feelings just because they are financially successful.

To authors in general, and erotic authors especially… EL James is still one of us. She’s not a card-carrying member of the Erotic Authors Guild, but still part of the genre. Shame on you if you were one of those participating in bashing her.

There is already enough hate and bullying in the book world. Authors tearing each other down rather than helping one another. I have never witnessed so much virulent hate… and this includes having fought in a war in which the people on the other side were striving to kill me.

So, in summary: stop the hate and bullying, and stop kissing Amazon’s ass.

Book release…

Ella Dominguez's book "Altered State" is now live...

Ella Dominguez’s book “Altered State” is now live… here it is as featured in the Guild’s recent PSA…

Our Guild author’s release has gone live.
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Saturday spankings…

For the “Saturday Spankings” blog hop… an excerpt from “Back to School”…


Even through the material of Kristi’s skirt, it smarted. But, just as much, it took her completely by surprise.

OWWWWW!! Heyyyyyy! What do you think you’re doing… OWWWWW!!!” He connected with her ass a second time. She spun around to confront him, but he grabbed her by the arm and swung her around, pushing her toward the desk. Kristi put her hands out as he slammed her onto the wooden surface.

“You’re not supposed to touch me!” was the first thing that came to mind.

“And you,” he growled, “aren’t supposed to act like a disrespectful little harlot in my school.”

She was now bent over the desk, her sneakers barely touching the tile floor. Mr. Smith’s hand was pressed against the small of her back, holding her in place.

Her skirt had ridden up, revealing the black thong she’d worn today.

“Ah, yes, miss. I see what sort of activity you are ‘majoring’ in at this institution…” He plucked at the waist string with his thumb and forefinger, and then released it to snap back against her hip.

“Hey! DON’T fucking touch me—”

This is what I’m talking about,” he admonished, as if she hadn’t spoken at all. “Young harlots like you with a complete lack of self-respect. Which tells everyone around you that they needn’t respect you either.”

She was squirming, but her position on the desk was too awkward to do anything. “Listen, guy, you’re making a mistake— OWWWWW!!!!” His firm hand connected again—this time with her ass sans the protection of the skirt. She continued kicking and struggling, but he held her down easily.

Stop it!!! Let me up—” This time, he nailed the other asscheek. As he drew back to spank her again, Kristi managed to get her hands down there to block him.

“Move your hands, missy,” he demanded.

“Let me go, you sick twisted fucker.   Now!” Kristi demanded. “HELP!!! HELP ME! HEL—” His hand left her back and clamped over her mouth, as he leaned over her and used some of his weight to hold her in place. “MMMMF!!! MMFFFF!!!!

“Shhh,” Mr. Smith hushed her. “The library is right above us. There are students trying to learn. The ones who didn’t cut class,” he emphasized.

“Now, it looks like you want to make this harder than it is,” Mr. Smith remarked. “First, let’s deal with your dress code violation, shall we?” He grabbed at the lacy material of her thong. With one swift, strong motion, he pulled. With a loud rending sound, it tore off of her…

Back to School

Back to School

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And now, for something cool and creative.

I was browsing the web and came across an article about “10 buried treasures you can actually find.” This one was #10. A multimillionaire archaeologist and author has buried a treasure chest full of gold and other valuables somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. One of his books also includes this map with a poem/riddle. According to him, the location of the treasure appears somewhere on the highlighted portion of this map, and the poem tells you how to find it. The trick seems to be to figure out the starting point.

According to the man, who is still alive, people have successfully solved the first parts of the riddle and found themselves in the right place, but not been able to follow the remaining parts (there are nine clues in the body of the poem.) He states that people have come within 500 feet of the treasure.

In analyzing these clues, and others he has dropped from time to time in media interviews, I initially was “sure” the treasure was in or near Glacier National Park in Montana. However, I no longer believe it’s in Montana, although it’s not ruled out.

Yet more insight into fascinating things to occupy my time when I should be writing.

a map to actual treasure

a map to actual treasure