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Building a Platform – by Anita Cox

The Erotic Author’s Guild will soon have some very valuable resources for our members, more on that later. For now, we’re offering our knowledge free on our blog.  Collectively, the staff of the guild has a fair amount of experience between us and we’d like to share our wealth of knowledge with you. Building a […]

Arr! Pirates!

So you spend months, perhaps years plotting, writing and perfecting. By traditional means, or self-pubbing, you finally have the thing out there for the world to purchase and maybe, if you’re fortunate and diligent, you’ve been effective marketing your book and eek out a meager living. Then, someone emails you. Your book is on a […]

A word from Anita Cox on Painful Reviews

After a decade in this business, I’ve grown some pretty thick skin.  As an erotica author, we have our own particular set of challenges.  Religious zealots will “friend” you on social media just to tongue lash you for how you earn your living.  Creeps will do the same to try to sext.  **eyeroll** But one […]

The Guild

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the Guild a reality!  We’re now taking applications, with membership payments to be invoiced in the near future.  Join on the main page!

How is an Erotic Authors Guild Relevant?

The Guild will be able to help erotica writers on an individual level, as well as the erotic writing community as a whole. Individually, we can assist newer authors with finding proper tools and resources, which will enable them to be successful and to turn out a quality product. This will also benefit the community […]

The Fundraising Campaign has Started!

We have started our fundraising campaign to turn our grass roots dream of a unified group of erotic authors into the Erotic Authors Guild. Please share this campaign with your Facebook pages and groups, on your blogs and via twitter. We will continue to share more as we keep working on the Erotic Authors […]

Book Giveaway Event

As part of our fundraising for the costs to form a guild we will be having a book giveaway. To make this successful we need authors who are willing to have a free book available for a couple days (of course you can have more than one). We will be promoting this big give away […]

The Guild To-Do List

We have been working on a guild website and will be revealing the beta version of the site soon. Some of the benefits the guild will be offering are as follows: • Free WordPress Blog Pages for members that can be monetized • Forums and Message Boards • Listings of writer resources such as book […]