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Rethinking your social media

Facebook is, by far, the largest social media site. As authors, many of us do nearly everything through Facebook: book releases, daily promo and fan groups are some of the common examples. Unfortunately, we are finding ourselves more and more at the whim of the site. Authors who are too “Facebook-centric” can find this to […]

Arr! Pirates!

So you spend months, perhaps years plotting, writing and perfecting. By traditional means, or self-pubbing, you finally have the thing out there for the world to purchase and maybe, if you’re fortunate and diligent, you’ve been effective marketing your book and eek out a meager living. Then, someone emails you. Your book is on a […]

Googe Limits Monetization of Adult Blog Sites

Since 1999 Google’s Blogger has hosted millions of blogs including blogs with adult content.  Google has now announced that starting June 30th, 2013 blogs with adult content will be deleted if they are found to be “displaying advertisements to adult websites.” More insulting is that Google does not define what adult content is and sites […]


There has been a recent rash of plagiarism.  Thanks to vigilant readers and highly visible campaigns by readers and authors to remove the works containing the plagiarism the content was removed.  Still other than getting the content removed there was no recourse for the authors who had their work stolen. Individual Indie authors have very […]