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Building a Platform – by Anita Cox

The Erotic Author’s Guild will soon have some very valuable resources for our members, more on that later. For now, we’re offering our knowledge free on our blog.  Collectively, the staff of the guild has a fair amount of experience between us and we’d like to share our wealth of knowledge with you. Building a […]

The Guild

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the Guild a reality!  We’re now taking applications, with membership payments to be invoiced in the near future.  Join on the main page!

Official Guild Facebook Page Live

Well we did it, we flipped the switch and started the Facebook page for The Erotic Authors guild. This is a project that we have been working on for months. As authors in the Erotic genre, we have a lot more power as a group than as individuals. There has already been many hours put […]

Erotic Writer Survey

58 completed survey responses thus far… some odds and ends: 93% of the responders are female 41% are in the thirtysomething bracket 44% say they are fulltime writers… 491 books sold per month on average… 91% using Amazon, followed by 72% using B&N Leading problem with Amazon, 40% reporting books not showing properly in searches […]