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Rethinking your social media

Facebook is, by far, the largest social media site. As authors, many of us do nearly everything through Facebook: book releases, daily promo and fan groups are some of the common examples. Unfortunately, we are finding ourselves more and more at the whim of the site. Authors who are too “Facebook-centric” can find this to […]

Amazon social media settings

  Numerous Amazon members–authors and reviewers alike–have reported instances of book reviews being removed because “the reviewer knows the author personally.” While Amazon has not publicly divulged its methodology in making this determination, many members have found a common thread. In the Amazon account settings, it is possible to link the account to Facebook and […]

FAQ: Google blog censorship, and complimentary blogs through the Erotic Authors Guild

Last week, many Google Blogger usersĀ received email regarding changes to Terms of Service. According to the email, Google is enacting a policy restricting certain explicit content. This may affect erotic authors who maintain blogs through Blogger. The Guild offers complimentary blog hosting to its members as a benefit. This is done on the WordPress platform […]

Dealing with Facebook content complaints

If you’ve been on Facebook long enough, you’ve probably received notification at one time or another that your content has been reported by someone. Facebook may or may not remove the content, and in some cases they’ll take further action by limiting your ability to post, add friends or partake in other system activities. This […]