About the Erotic Authors Guild

Our Mission is to promote the advancement of the Erotic genre by supporting authors in various ways including: writing, networking, and marketing resources. Our Goals are not only to establish ourselves in the writing community but also to maintain relationships within the publishing industry. In doing so we strive to bring about the changes necessary to make Erotic Authors equal to that of any other genre.

Being an Erotic Author requires not only skills…

It’s an Art Form!

Take a moment to read through our Guiding Principles. The Erotic Authors Guild will use these guiding principles in deciding where to allocate resources and also to maintain the long term goals and direction necessary to fully benefit not only itself but ALL members of the Guild as well. As the industry changes and the needs of the Authors in our community change it will become necessary to periodically review and adjust these guiding principles as we see fit.

1. Promote the advancement of our genre elevating it above the stigma and generalization

2. Encourage collaboration amongst our community 

3. Provide encouragement, support, and resources to writers who are new to the genre and assist established writers in further development of their craft

4. Establish a benchmark of acceptable standards for our work, including but not limited to: writing, formatting, pricing and marketing

5. Define and maintain categorization of subgenres; propagate those subgenres into the various promoters, marketers and sellers of erotic writing

6. Create and maintain working relationships with other organizations including but not limited to review sites, marketers, and book publishing entities

7. Establish a network and directory of service providers that work with and are familiar with Erotic Writing

8. We will work to either change penalizing policies or find alternative companies that want to both have the profits and support the genre 

9. We will provide resources and support to fight censorship, laws and legislation that effect our genre including creating easier ways to fight and take legal action against plagiarism and piracy

10. We will work to provide Erotic Authors with legal protections for their work

With a clear knowledge and understanding take a moment to become a Member of the Erotic Authors Guild where your membership contribution along with your participation will not only benefit you, but will also benefit the Erotic Author Industry as well.

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