Monthly archives "June 2013"

Googe Limits Monetization of Adult Blog Sites

Since 1999 Google’s Blogger has hosted millions of blogs including blogs with adult content.  Google has now announced that starting June 30th, 2013 blogs with adult content will be deleted if they are found to be “displaying advertisements to adult websites.” More insulting is that Google does not define what adult content is and sites […]

Book Templates

Each e-publishing platform has different formatting and rules for submitting books. Easy to use templates, guidelines and tutorials would be a great author resource.  This is another item we could look into offering for guild members.

Erotica Only Book Review Site

One of the ideas discussed has been an erotic e-book store. Looking into what it would take to create such a book store and compete with other e-book sellers this may not be feasible.  There is an Erotic Author who has been working on an Erotica Only book review site. The review site would allow […]


There has been a recent rash of plagiarism.  Thanks to vigilant readers and highly visible campaigns by readers and authors to remove the works containing the plagiarism the content was removed.  Still other than getting the content removed there was no recourse for the authors who had their work stolen. Individual Indie authors have very […]

Possible Guild Benefits

Some of the features we have envisioned for the guild would be: Free Word Press Blog Pages for members which can be monetized including the ability to participate in associate programs Discounts with partners such as book cover artists, editors, proof readers and marketers Group Discounts on Medical and Dental Benefits Yearly Awards for Great […]

What Could a Guild Change

Recent discussions in the Erotic Authors Forum have focused on some of the challenges that Erotic Authors are facing.  Several authors, including well known erotic authors, have written letters to organizations that sell and review erotic works without success.  It has been suggested that if erotic authors band together as a group it might be […]